ARTANGEL / Oscar Murillo – Frequencies

n the summer holidays 2021, artist Oscar Murillo returned to his secondary school in London to showcase an extraordinary project.

Since 2013, Murillo has arranged for blank canvases to be fixed to school desks where students draw, doodle, paint, and write. The Frequencies archive is now made up of over 40,000 canvases from around the world. Every single one of these canvases was stacked on archive shelves to be delved through by visitors to Cardinal Pole Catholic School.

Each week, a new perspective on Frequencies was offered by a special  guest whose selection of 57 canvases was displayed on tables within the overall exhibition. The selectors gave insight into their chosen canvases through a series of interviews conducted with the students of Cardinal Pole Catholic School, who also supported their filming and production, resulting in a series of shorts titled ‘Meet the Selectors’. 

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Credits : Audio Restoration / Mix. The Sound was poorly recorded with a lot of noise and distractive sounds layered with the voice, and I processed and removed all the noisy parts and enhanced the quality of the voice and over all file, beside mixing it with the music.

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